Anonymous said: The only victims of the Scyphozoa were Aelita, Yumi, and William.

This blog isn’t especially active anymore, but I’d like to highlight this anon for being my first ever submission! :D

I am going to use this long disused blog to pimp my CL fanfic i just updated!

It’s called Ghosts in the Machine. I hope you like it. :)

All Four Seasons of CL Coming to DVD in English.

fffakeyouout said: For the anon: You can buy every season on iTunes. That's what I did.

Anonymous said: Where can you buy every season of Code Lyoko on DVDs in America?

Long story short: You can’t. Funimation released Season 1 and the first six episodes of Season 2 (with promises of more to come) several years ago, but have since dropped the title. These DVDs exist, but they are out of print. Right now, the only way to buy Code Lyoko episodes is to get the DVDs from a third party like Amazon or eBay (which only works for episodes 1-32) or buy the episodes off iTunes.

Also i am SO sorry i haven’t been updating! College took over my life. 8( But i have many facts stockpiled, and when i get time i will start again!

I’m back!

I’ve been extremely busy with college over the last few days, but i see the queue’s run out, so I’ll get busy tonight making new facts! I have about 40 more, I may think up some new ones, and they will be coming, just like the new season!

azaneth said: I friggin' love this tumblr so much~~!!!!! ;D


hikikom0ri said: wow! this is a great blog! I remember I used to be SO obsessed with Code Lyoko, and now you have awakened that in me again! XD I was surprised to learn a lot of the facts on here, thanks for the great info. do you know of any place online to watch code Lyoko? or if there are some fan translations of the novels?

ALSFJASFA thank you! You can never have too much Code Lyoko. The episodes pop up on Youtube from time to time, just make sure that the one you’re watching is in English - i’ve seen just about every language on there. And fan translations? There is/was one at, but it’s been on hiatus i believe for some time.

dragongem said: Where did you find the information on the new season/where can I find it?

Information on the new season? Look on the Code Lyoko facebook page, which can be found at underneath the big, mean, tantalizing picture.

How Not To Deal With This Sort of Situation: A Self-Help Guide by Yumi Ishiyama 

How Not To Deal With This Sort of Situation: A Self-Help Guide by Yumi Ishiyama