Code Lyoko English Voice List

Because i can’t really fit this in a 300x300 square.

*= This VA only voices this character in certain appearances.

Barbara Weber-Schaff
Main Role: Ulrich
Secondary Roles: Tamiya, Kiwi, Johnny, Hiroki, Emily*, Naomi N’Guyen
Background Roles: Pierre Francois, Xavier Gosselin, Claire Girard*, Heidi Klinger*, Carla LeBihan, Julien Xao, Matthieu Ducrocq, Magali DeVasseur*, Tania Grandjean*, Thierry Suares, Sandra Dialo*, Bastien Roux, Caroline Savorani, Matthias Burel*, “Kelly”

Mirabelle Kirkland
Main Role: Yumi
Secondary Roles: Milly, Emily*
Background Roles: Ninon Costes*, Tristan Brossard, Heidi Klinger*, Sonya Abulabbas, Magali DeVasseur*, Paul Gaulliard*, Sophie Florenceau, Tania Grandjean*, Sandra Dialo*, Anais Fiquet, Priscilla Blaise, Matiena L’Ecuyer, “Sophie”

Sharon Mann
Main Roles: Jeremie, Aelita
Secondary Roles: Taelia
Background Roles: Heidi Klinger*, Paul Gaulliard*, Jeremie Clone, Christophe M’Bala*, Matthias Burel*

Matt Gezcy
Main Role: Odd (replaced Christophe Caballero)
Secondary Roles: Nicolas
Background Roles: Mohammed Kantaoui, Emilio Rodriguez, Romain Le Goff, Christophe M’Bala*, Nico (Subdigitals)

Jodi Forrest
Main Role: Sissi (replaced Christine Flowers)
Secondary Roles: Emily*, Sam, Brynja, Patrick Belpois, Anthea Schaeffer, Mrs. Hertz, Yolande, Rosa, Akiko Ishiyama
Background Roles: Ninon Costes*, Anne Sophie Moullier, Lola Kieffer, Claire Girard*, Heidi Klinger*, Tania Grandjean*, Azra Urgup, Valerie, Sandra Dialo*, Madison Russell, Mrs. Meyer, Nicole Weber, Ms. Kensington

David Gasman
Main Role: William, XANA
Secondary Roles: Jim, Herb, William Clone, Theo Gauthier, Takeo Ishiyama, Chris Morales
Background Roles: Jean Baptiste Pujol, Emmanuel “Mike” Malliard*, Gilles Fumet, Gustave Chardin, Hans Klotz

Allan Wenger
Main Role: Jean Pierre Delmas
Secondary Roles: Franz Hopper*
Background Roles: None 

Paul Bandey
Main Role: Franz Hopper*
Secondary Roles: None
Background Roles: None 

Noam Kaniel
Main Role: English Theme Song Singer
Secondary Role: Ben (Subdigitals singer)
Background Roles: None 

Unknown: Michel Roullier, Michel Belpois, Mr. Stern, Mrs. Stern, Mrs. Della Robbia, Mr. Della Robbia, James Dunbar, Mrs. Dunbar, and other one-off characters like James Finson and TV. I’m just assuming that all of the men are Gasman and all of the women are Forrest, because that seems to be how it works.

Source: Code Lyoko Wikipedia character page. You should be happy i’m sparing your having to read that abomination.


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